The Disappearing Elephants Project

Approximately 100 elephants are killed every day for their ivory

A decade ago there were double the number of elephants in Africa. Current poaching kills 25,000-35,000 elephants a year for their ivory. At this rate, African elephants will go extinct within decades.

Asian elephants are highly endangered, with only about 30,000 left, and approximately 30% of them are in captivity.

The project started out as a collaboration between the WWF-Hong Kong and The New School University (New York City) during the International Field Program in Hong Kong. We have continued to work on the project in New York City. Our goal is to tell the story of today’s threats to African and Asian elephants. This website has resources for students, educators and anyone interested in understanding the threats elephants face today. We invite educators to use our downloadable lesson plans and the various media to inform their classrooms about this global issue. Students will find information about the threats to elephants and can learn about the different organizations and activities that are being done to make lasting changes.