Battle for Elephants – National Geographic (56 min.)


National Geographic and PBS’s Battle for Elephants (2013) is a comprehensive hour-long documentary that can be broken down into different themes for the classroom. National Geographic’s Teaching Resources has materials for educators that can be combined with resources from our website. Watch Battle for the Elephants here.

Last Days of Elephants – WildAid (3 min.)

Kathryn Bigelow’s short film titled Last Days tackles elephant poaching and animal rights. The Oscar-winning director created the Public Service Announcement (PSA) to raise awareness about the connection between species extinction and global terrorism.

BBC Documentaries

The BBC has been producing ground-breaking wildlife programs from across the globe for over 50 years. Their online video collection has many specials on elephants including recent full-length documentaries exploring exploring the critical issues with elephants:

 Elephant Diaries – BBC (86 mins.)

Ivory Wars: Last Stand in Zakouma (9 mins.)

Ivory Wars is produced by Media Storm in conjunction with National Geographic’s cover story of the same title by conservationist J. Michael Fay and photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols.  The visual essay presents Zakouma National Park in southeastern Chad, home to one of the world’s largest remaining concentrations of elephants. Despite a tumultuous history of slavery, colonialism, and civil war, conservationists have managed to create a wildlife refuge here.


Wild – The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (4 mins.)

Short film produced by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust about the modern ivory crisis. The film focuses Kenya’s elephant orphanage in Nairobi.