Original Interviews

Shaffiou Assoumanou, Disappearing Elephants Student

Shaffious Assoumanou is a Grade 11 student at the International Community High School in New York City. He shares his experience learning about elephants during his Fall 2014 social studies class called Disappearing Elephants. The curriculum for the course uses the materials found on this website. Shaffiou and his classmates created campaign posters about elephants, wrote a declaration of Animal Rights, held a debate on ivory trade issues and completed final argumentative essays on the ivory trade ban.

Celia Ho, Youth Conservationist

Youth conservationist Celia Ho explains her elephant awareness campaign in Hong Kong’s Botanical Gardens. (June 2014)


John Roberts, Director of Elephants at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation

Today’s Asian Elephant Population

John Roberts explains the threats to Asian elephants today and the conservation challenges for both captive and wild elephants in Chiang Rai, Thailand. (July 2014)

Thailand’s Ivory Loopholes

John Roberts explains Thailand’s legal loopholes that encourage the illegal ivory trade. Chiang Rai, Thailand. (July 2014)


Cheryl Lo, World Wildlife Fund

The ivory trade & Hong Kong

Cheryl Lo from the WWF-Hong Kong explains the ivory situation in Hong Kong. (July 2014)

How the WWF is Working to Save Elephants

Cheryl Lo from the WWF-Hong Kong explains the different ways that the organization is working to change today’s ivory crisis. (July 2014)